The scriptures are wrong.

writer_tshirt-p235977150042632245y4jj_400[7]George Harrison, guitarist for the Beatles was a Bhakti Hindu. He believed in a personal god, and he said that if one chants the mantras with devotion, Lord Krishna would visibly appear and speak to him in an audible voice.  Many pagans are similarly convinced of having met their deities too.  For example, a cat fancier in Texas insists he began worshiping Bast only after the Egyptian goddess dramatically appeared physically manifest, having personally chosen him to become her disciple.  The Chinese religion is a mixture of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, polytheism and ancestor worship. Devotees of this blend of traditions are capable of remarkable feats of faith, and many of them claim direct communication with their gods and spirits as well.  All of these different believers, and some Buddhists too, talk about their spiritual rebirth once they accept whichever deity into their lives.  Every religion boasts their own miracles and prophecies proving theirs is the truest faith.  So its no surprise that Christians say the same things about their versions of God too.  No religion is significantly different from any other in this respect.  But whatever else may be going on, when men claim revelation from God, it usually means is that they’ve decided to promote their own biased and unsubstantiated opinions as if they were divinely inspired.  So its not like any “one true god” is really guiding all these people they way they all insist he/she/they, or it  is.

If any god exists, and it happens that there’s only one of them, then surely every spiritually enlightened and visionary holy man from any nation or tribe should be able to sense it, if men can sense such things at all.  And their scribes would write the scrolls seeking to make sense of it –however feeble an attempt that may be.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many different religions; because no man can know the true state of God.  There can only be one truth, and only one version of it.  But rather than coming together, as everyone’s search for the one truth should, religions continuously shard further and further apart into more divided factions with mutually-exclusive beliefs, -and there are as many wrong interpretations as there people claiming theirs as the “absolute truth”.  Which brings us to the third foundational falsehood of creationism; the assertion that any human’s understanding of their various internally-conflicting and inter-contradictory beliefs should, -or even could- be considered infallible or inerrently accurate.

In reality, there is no such thing as “absolute truth”.  Everything within the capacity of human understanding contains a degree of error, and everything men know to be true is only true to a degree.  Everyone is inevitably wrong about something somewhere.  We don’t know everything about everything.  We don’t know everything about anything!  And what we do know, we don’t know accurately on all points nor completely in every detail.  Honest men admit this.  Anyone claiming to know the absolute truth is not being honest, especially not when they claim to know anything about things which can only be believed on faith.  Even if men were given genuine revelations by truly omniscient beings, they must still be filtered and interpreted by weaker minds influenced by our limitations, biases, and misimpressions, as well as linguistic and cultural barriers.
If the Bible is interpreted literally, then it is clear that its authors believed that the world was a flat disc, which was originally said to be covered by a giant crystal dome.  It was a common belief at the time in all the neighboring regions.  But it was still wrong.  The Biblical authors obviously knew nothing about the real state of this world nor the worlds beyond this one either.  But we know what lies outside our atmosphere. And that proves that there is no water above where the firmament isn’t, and no windows to let it drain in -if there was either water or firmament there.

We also know that the Earth with its fictitious firmament didn’t predate the “lights in the heavens” by any amount of time, and that the stars weren’t “set” specifically to light the Earth; because the Earth is not at the center, -or the beginning- of the universe in any respect. The way the Bible depicts the Earth in relation to the rest of the universe is wrong and has been known to be wrong for thousands of years.

Many creationists say that it is impossible to understand or believe the Bible unless it is read “in the spirit of the holy ghost”.  In other words, you must already assume its truth before you read it, and you have to read it through filters of faith because it certainly isn’t compelling on its own without those blinders on.  If it doesn’t make sense, then you’ve got to convince yourself that you must not understand it properly, and you’ve just got to try to make yourself believe it anyway somehow.  That is precisely why creationist faith is deemed ‘dogmatic’.  But that’s also proof by admission that even a literal reading must be “interpreted”.  So its very design is such that the Bible can not be either inerrant or “absolute truth”.

Hiring the naive to do their biding

caricaturamia_thumb.jpgHow the majority of Americans get manipulated to help the rich get richer.
The greatest job in indoctrination is to convince middle class citizens to believe the following:

  1. Global warming is a hoax (it benefits oil companies corporations by making USA dependent on oil and assures them subsidies while encroaching renewable energies technologies)
  2. The Fed is colluding with the enemy to screw USA (eliminating regulations to allow financial corporations to bet against their clients and make huge profits)
  3. To bear arms is in their behalf (benefiting arms producing companies)
  4. Elimination of taxes is good for “job creation” (only the rich get tax cuts, the poor end up paying more taxes, through sales taxes and penalties fines)
  5. Reduction of entitlements will benefit them (it will benefit insurance and pharmaceutical companies)

At the end who gets benefited:

1. Oil companies
2. Financial corporations
3. Arms production companies
4. The rich
5. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies

Do you see? The middle class and the poor is not on that list.  What a clever strategy! Make the poor defend your position and screw themselves without they knowing. Those 5 groups of people ARE the establishment. Not the liberals or socialists, Fox news have help you believe are. They are not the enemy.

And I didn’t mentioned anything about: privatization of jails and education, reduction of science in schools,elimination of acquired rights like: abortion, justified searches, privacy of expression, etc.

Sheep helping the wolves to eat them. What a sad story! That is USA today in a nutshell.

Probable Facts

corporate_responsibility.jpgProbable Facts …and the Higgs Boson

2+2 is always equaled to 4. That is a fact.
Well, that is true if you use the meaning of the word fact: a statement of a state of affairs that is true for all time.

But we know that other than maths and logic, this is not true.

The sun provides light to me. This statement only applies to this moment in time, because we know that some time later today, it will not provide any light to me. So the statement that the sun provides light is not a fact.

In the extremest case, quantum mechanics may mean that there are no true facts at all in the universe, only a set of self-consistent but mutually-inconsistent explanations. 1 -Pam Perdue-

The majority of “facts” are subject to context and perspective.

The things that we “know” to happen, are observations, our -evidence based- explanations of those observations are not absolute, but estimates of confidence on how these things we observe happen.

For example, we know life exists. This is an observation -some might call it a fact-. The explanations for life could be rated like this:

That life started and is sustained by chemical reactions at the molecular level is -based on the evidence at hand- (that being experimentation and hypothesis or theoretical conclusions) highly probable.

The notion that life was “spoken” into existence by an all powerful being, is  most likely improbable.

Why? because it does not provide any mechanism (a theory for example) by which we can test this claim.

All this means I live in a world of probability and uncertainty. A world of chance.

Yeah, but highly probable things solve many of our problems today. With the probability and uncertainty of quantum mechanics we have atomic energy, computers and a space station up in the atmosphere.

Most religious people think that scientists believe in the facts they have observed, they criticize this belief as being faith based and also believe that many natural things are absolutes, when we explain that this is not so,  that we can only estate the likeliness of things to be explained by one scientific theory or another, they respond to this that is their understanding then, that everything is due to chance.

The is also this claim used by believers, that the high improbability of a phenomena to happen is evidence that only God can make them “happen”.

The probability of things that we have observed happening is not probability at all.   We have seen them happening, we cannot come and calculate, in retrospect, the probability for it to happen. This is a worthless exercise.

You can only make sense of the probability of phenomena that has not happen, that are indeed predictions and the likeliness of it to be true or false. there is no use in calculating the probability of an event that has happened. because as much highly improbable that you might calculated it to happen, it has.

The Standard Model Theory of quantum mechanics has predicted that there must be a particle who allows other particles to acquire mass. This particle is called the Higgs Boson and is the quanta of the Higgs field.

We have not observed the Higgs Boson in natural world, but it has been predicted by the theory. Therefore we can calculate the probability for it to be true. Scientist give it a high probability, due to the fact that the other 15 particles of the theory have already been found.

Recently the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, has found instances of the elusive boson. It needs to be confirmed by other scientists, but we now have a higher confidence it that it is highly probable for it to exists.

Once we found it, the probability will mean nothing, since we will know that it exists and that its behavior I similar to that predicted in the Standard Model.

So for people who use science daily to explain most of the things he or she observe, there is no chance on things that have happened.

There is no believe into a scientific statement
There is no believe into a supernatural claim either

The claim that most natural phenomena has a natural scientific explanation.

And the claim that there is an all omnipotent, all knowing being that supersedes everything that is going on in the natural world, is highly improbable.


In recent history there has been civil unrest and disorder in two mayor European countries: Greece and the UK.

In the case of Greece, a harsh program of cuts to meet requirements demanded in exchange for international rescue loans was the main cause of the riots. The aim was to cut $20 billion in public spending while raising a further $20 billion through taxes and privatization. This meant increased VAT, higher levies on householders and companies and sharp hikes in fuel, alcohol and tobacco prices.

Spending cuts will see heavy public sector job losses, school closures and restrictions on welfare benefits. There will also be sell offs of state assets and ventures including the postal service and key ports.

The real reasons for the UK riots is money.

What has caused the revolt is the reduction of welfare benefits by cutting government handouts to the 5.5 million British citizens who do not work has caused the revolt.

Living off handouts and not having to work has created the criminal actions of the frustrated rioters.
In the USA they want to do the same thing. Reduce spending, cut welfare benefits, they are already deep into unemployment, so a big percentage of US citizens do not work.

To worsen the situation, government do not want to increase taxes to the rich but rather to the poor, compounding even more the frustration of the poor and the unemployed.

What do you think is going to happen next?


misandry-it-has-a-wikipedia-page(This is satire, I am mocking those who believe in this crap.  Ok? ok…)

I have been told that I am living under the jackboots of a misandrist Gynocracy without being aware of it. I had to look into Wikipedia to actually understand the implications (and the meaning of the words).

I thought that it was the fault of some pussy cartel, the fact that I am not getting “any” lately. Now I know is actually because the evil feminazis that control the vagina supply, have impose a secret genital boycott on me and other men like me. Is tantamount to a hate crime.

And the men are angry. Is all over the Internet!

I, personally am furious.

I am so irate that I am seriously thinking of becoming an activist and joining the struggle against the Ginofacist.

Otherwise, they will take over the world and establish a feminist government.

Well… that is, if I don’t get one of them whores with a mangina (a vagina who actually like men). In that case I would be very busy catching up with my sextarvation. And when I finish, I might not have the “strength” to go after them.

Damned wommin! them shouldn’t have to be THAT smart, eh?

Idea by youtuber Somegreybloke.



A guy is married. He is a prosecutor. He was called to prosecute somebody for infidelity. At the end he could find that the man under investigation only got into oral sex with the woman.

But for that he sent the man to trial and almost cost the man his job and his marriage.

Some years later this prosecutor went to the hospital, where his wife was in bed, sick. And told her that he was delivering her divorce papers, because while she was sick he got involved with other woman.  Later on he did the same to this other woman. He got himself a mistress and left his second wife for her.

Now this guy wants to be president and was asked about the decision of New York to legalize same sex marriage. He said this:

“Gay marriage is a threat to the sanctity of marriage”.

What sanctity? Yours? The guy who left his sick wife for a mistress and them left his mistress for another mistress?

That is the example of the sanctity of marriage between a woman and a man.

But what these “f**cktards” fail to see that some gays stay together for ever. And most likely those getting married in NY have had a relationship far more longer than the famous prosecutor.

Who is this bastion of morality and marriage?

Newt Gingrich.  What a f**king hypocrite!!!!


imageJames Verone 59, a resident of North Carolina who has a lot of health problems, He has worked all his life and lost his job because of being so sick , not a criminal, not on drugs and never had been in jail in his life. Poor and uninsured and basically cannot get health attention for his sickness. So what does he do?

He goes to a Bank and pass the teller a note that he is robbing them and all he wants is a dollar. Then he sat down the front porch to wait for the cops to come and taking him into arrest. He was not carrying a gun.

Why would somebody do that?

Well, in the USA prisoners get free health, in that case being in jail secure him to get proper care for his ailments.

This is pathetic. No sad, PATHETIC.

One the “most” rich country in the world and their poor wants to go to jail in order to get health care.

I will let that image sink in your minds… Think about it for a while.

If this story do not let USA citizens to reflect on their situation, I frankly don’t know what will.

This is a story you will not see on FOX News.

In any other country he would not have to do that. Not even in my country, Dominican Republic, which is a 3rd world country.

What a Republican politician says about that? “This guy is ripping off our prison system. This rip off tells us that our prison system is getting to much benefits and we need to cut that. We need to cut health benefits of prisoners”.

Think another little while about that comment.

Now review your stand about health care and the rich not paying taxes. That is if you have a conscience and a hart. If you don’t, go turn on you TV and continue watching FOX “News”… they would not show things like this, so you don’t feel bad. Go and get registered in the Republican or the Tea Party. Because THAT is what you deserve. Nothing less. Nothing more. A pathetic uneducated, heartless, little republican country, ran by corporations and the private sector.

Pathetic indeed.